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Kid Spark Education offers a comprehensive and structured approach to teaching STEM subjects for students in Pre-K to Grade 8. Deliver the benefits of a consistent, impactful STEM education to the students of your school district through the hands-on, research-backed STEM curriculum from Kid Spark.

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Hands-On STEM Curriculum That Your Educators Will Love 
Developed by Kid Spark Education

Kid Spark Education is dedicated to disrupting the pattern of educational inequity and bringing STEM to students of all backgrounds and abilities.

It’s more crucial than ever that students in your school district are STEM fluent—able to think critically, solve creatively, and engage fearlessly with the world around them. 

Our STEM programs are designed to help young children learn foundational STEM fluencies from Pre-K and build upon their learning through grade 8. Everything needed for your educators and students is provided, including:

  • Comprehensive curriculum aligned to STEM standards
  • Reusable engineering and robotics materials
  • Professional learning resources for educators

Make it easy for your teachers to implement a successful STEM curriculum thanks to the adaptive and comprehensive programs from Kid Spark.

What's Included

Kid Spark Programs

Curriculum Examples


Our progressive engineering and computer science-based curriculum includes teacher lesson plans, student workbooks, design challenges, evaluation rubrics, and unit assessments.

Stem Labs Kit


Kid Spark’s robust and reusable engineering and robotics materials support students as they grow in their learning.

Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Dedicated professional development tools designed to build teacher confidence, with courses hosted through Kid Spark’s online learning management system.


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Lesson Plan


Rotary Motion

Mechanisms & Movement

Activity Time

120 Minutes

Targeted Grade Level

2 - 5

Student Grouping

Teams of up to 4 students

Additional Lesson Materials

  • Teacher Lesson Plan
  • Student Engineering Workbook

Kid Spark STEM Lab:

STEM Pathways

Rotary Motion Ferris Wheel Arrows (1)

Share Sample Lessons

Download a Sample STEM Lesson

Our STEM programs are created with ease of adoption in mind. Check out one of our lesson plans to see just how well Kid Spark can work for your STEM program.

Rotary Motion Lesson Plan - Laptop View


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Kid Spark Education

Who We Are

Kid Spark Education is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that believes every student deserves access to STEM education that can change their lives.

We help elementary and middle schools disrupt the pattern of educational inequity by providing STEM education early and consistently to all their students.

By giving students of all backgrounds and abilities an equal chance to learn and love STEM, we are nurturing a next generation of successful professionals, bold thinkers, and passionate leaders.

Young student with KSE STEM Lab

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