Kid Spark Education Partners with

21st Century Learning Centers in

23 Delaware Sites


Webb City, MO — 01/05/2024  - By Amal Abuqawod

Kid Spark Education, a national leader in hands-on STEM education, is excited to announce a transformative partnership with the federally funded 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLCs) to provide comprehensive STEM education programming and teacher training to 23 sites across the state of Delaware.

Kid Spark Education, one of the few organizations in the country focused on STEM education for the youngest learners in BIPOC, rural, and low-income communities, will be joining forces with 21st CCLCs to offer comprehensive, hands-on STEM education programs and teacher training. This partnership will assist hundreds of students annually throughout the state of Delaware in cultivating fundamental STEM fluencies, setting the stage for a lifelong passion for STEM learning. Kid Spark Executive Director Ryan Neden, and Board Chair Paul Eichen, traveled to Delaware on October 22nd, 2023 to provide hands-on training for all 21st CCLC educators across the 23 sites. 

“We are incredibly enthusiastic about the opportunity to collaborate with 21st Century Learning Centers statewide in Delaware, offering engaging STEM learning experiences to children throughout the region. We eagerly anticipate the substantial impact this will create, benefiting hundreds of children each year.” - Ryan Neden, Executive Director, Kid Spark Education

“Through the support of Kid Spark Education and our partnership with the University of Delaware, 21st Century Community Learning Centers across the state received state-of-the-art equipment as well as hands-on professional development to prepare staff to lead exciting STEM lessons. These are the kind of out-of-school time enrichment activities our students need and love, and I appreciate the collaboration that has made this possible.” - Delaware Secretary of Education, Mark Holodick.

The Kid Spark STEM Equity Grants Initiative equips Title I schools and extended education providers in underserved communities with the tools and resources needed to implement a sustainable STEM education program, including hands-on labs and educator training. To learn more about the Initiative and how you can bring it to your area, visit our website.


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