A Spotlight on Kid Spark Programs

in Afterschool Settings 


Webb City, MO — 01/18/2024  - By Amal Abuqawod

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Amy Ulen, an inspiring educator from Clover Park School District in Washington State. Amy shared her experiences implementing the Kid Spark STEM program in their afterschool program, and the results have been nothing short of fantastic!

Enthusiastic Reception and Teacher Engagement

“The kids absolutely love it!” exclaimed Amy Ulen, who is leading Clover Park School District’s Computer Science Initiative. She told us that teachers find value in the program, with many even noting that it should be a staple in their schools. The program's value has resonated so strongly that there's even been a higher teacher-volunteer turnout for Kid Spark sessions compared to other sessions.

Heartwarming Moments and Teamwork

Amy shared heartwarming stories of students working together, solving challenges, and supporting one another. She emphasized the magic that happens in the classroom as students unleash their imagination and ingenuity. The Kid Spark programs encourage critical thinking, creativity, and teamwork, fostering an environment where students help each other and celebrate shared success. One touching moment was when a student, struggling with a task, was uplifted by a classmate who patiently guided and encouraged them. It's moments like these that remind us of the power of collaboration and the growth that comes from working as a team.

Limited STEM Access Outside the Program

Ulen told us that does not believe that students have much access to STEM education outside of the afterschool program. She mentioned that only a handful of schools in the district have technology programs in the traditional classroom setting and that many of the students who benefited from this after-school program were not from those schools. As we continue to celebrate the success of STEM education at Clover Park, it's important to acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead and the ongoing effort to increase access to STEM education for students across the country.

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Kid Spark’s core mission is addressing persistent STEM education disparities, focusing on empowering girls, low-income youth, and children of color. Our aim is to close the STEM opportunity gap by fostering early and continuous STEM learning, countering the prevalent lack of STEM education, notably in underserved communities. To learn more about our programs and impact, please visit www.kidsparkeducation.org

Do you want to bring the benefits of the Kid Spark STEM program to your school or afterschool program? We're here to help you get started! Contact us today to learn how you can ignite curiosity, inspire innovation, and empower students through hands-on STEM learning.

For more information about Kid Spark Education, please visit www.kidsparkeducation.org.


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