Kid Spark Education

Launches STEM Equity Grant Program

for Underserved Schools


Webb City, MO — 2/1/2021 — Kid Spark Education, a Missouri-headquartered national leader in hands-on STEM education for children, is excited to announce a transformative partnership with East Coast Migrant Head Start (ECMHS) that will significantly expand access to quality early childhood education in underserved communities.

Kid Spark Education is pleased to announce the launch of their Kid Spark STEM Equity Grants Program to provide underserved Elementary schools with free access to schoolwide STEM education resources. 

Kid Spark Education is a nonprofit provider of cost efficient and sustainable STEM education solutions for grades pre-k - eighth. Their Elementary and Middle School STEM solutions provide students and teachers with everything they need to feel empowered in learning and teaching progressive STEM concepts. The individual STEM labs include robust robotics and engineering materials for students, engaging and comprehensive curriculum, and professional development resources for teachers. 

Schools awarded a Grant receive a comprehensive STEM program that builds on principles of mathematics, physics, engineering, and computer science. Teachers using the program in their classrooms or maker space are supported with free curriculum usable for pre-k - fifth grade, as well as access to Kid Spark’s online professional development resources. 

Kid Spark Education believes that every student deserves the opportunity to learn and love STEM. The Kid Spark STEM Equity Grants Program is Kid Spark Education’s response to the disparaging gap in learning and resources available to students in our education system. The Grant aims to close the gap in accessibility to STEM education for all students by providing free programs. Priority is given to Title 1 schools and Head Start programs with a majority of the student population being underserved and/or underrepresented in the STEM industry. 

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