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Our Mission

Students of all backgrounds deserve a chance to learn and love STEM. The Kid Spark STEM Equity Grant Program makes this possible by providing Title 1 schools everything they need to encourage STEM learning in the classroom, free of charge. Learn how these awards can nurture a love of STEM in your school.

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What's in the Grant

The grant offers a Kid Spark Elementary STEM program, which includes:

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Comprehensive Curriculum

A progressive, engineering and computer science-based curriculum, that includes teacher lesson plans, student workbooks, design challenges, evaluation rubrics, and unit assessments.

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Kid Spark’s robust and reusable engineering and robotics materials support students as they grow in their learning. 

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Professional Learning

Professional development and certification courses hosted through Kid Spark’s online learning management system.



U.S. public Elementary, Preschool, and Head Start programs serving Title 1 students are all eligible to apply. Priority will be given to schools supporting a large percentage of underserved and underrepresented students.

Grades Pre-K - 5th

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